News MARINIST residence has been commissioned!, photo Рамка

Волна 10 March, 2021

MARINIST residence has been commissioned!

Are you ready to receive keys and start renovating your dream apartment❓


Then we have good news for you❗️

MARINIST 🌊 residence complex has been commissioned 🎉

🏡 Low-rise club type house MARINIST is located in eco area of the 16th station of the Bolshoi Fontan (Big Fountain).

⚜️ Beautifully decorated facade and terraces with tempered glass fences with stainless steel railings, shining in the sun, give the building its aesthetic look.

💫 A unified lighting concept includes illumination of the building and flower beds throughout the area.

☘️ Seedlings for landscaping of the adjacent to the house area were brought from Italy.

Living in MARINIST 🌊 residence is not only prestigious and comfortable, but also beautiful 🌟

10 March, 2021

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